How To Breathe Buteyko While Hiking or Walking

In this video, Sasha Yakovleva demonstrates how to breathe healthily and generate vital energy (carbon dioxide in the lungs) while hiking on a hilly uneven surface. Sasha demonstrates healthy and unhealthy breathing patterns and Buteyko Breathing exercises while hiking at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, near Crestone, where Sacred Breath Buteyko Wellness Retreat will take place. At a high altitude of 8.000-10,000 feet where Sasha was, and in the middle of winter when the air temperature was cold, everything regarding breathing became amplified. This allowed Sasha to show that heavy breathing, even through the nose, can quickly trigger hyperventilation, leading to a CO2 loss. The principles of healthy breathing, which Sasha explained, can be used at sea level or any elevation by people whose breathing is weak, strong, super-strong, or anything in between. Applying these simple rules will help make respiration more reliable, stronger, and healthier. This information is essential for athletes, active people, or anyone who wants to turn their physical activity, especially walking, jogging, and hiking to health improvement tools.

Physical exercises combined with breathing exercises could be a powerful health improvement tool. Watch this video to turn your walking and hiking into an effective Buteyko session.

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