About Buteyko Practitioners and Buteyko Certification (FAQs)

Who is Sasha Yakovleva?

Sasha Yakovleva is Advanced Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist and the main teacher at the Breathing Center. in 2009, together with T. Fredrkicksen, she founded the Buteyko Breathing Center. Sasha is available for Private Sessions and other courses. 

What kind of professional training to become a Buteyko practitioner do you offer?

The Buteyko Breathing Center offers online training for everyone who would like to teach the Buteyko Method becoming a certified Buteyko practitioner. Our training programs are the most comprehensive; we offer various sources of information to learn from the Buteyko experts. Please see more information regarding our certification programs.

Are there any prerequisites for the Buteyko Practitioner Certification training?

Yes. In order to enroll, a person needs to complete our Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training and Buteyko Breathing Optimization Training online courses.

How often does the Buteyko Certification professional training take place?

The Buteyko Breathing certification programs (basic and advanced) are available anytime – it is an individual online program.

What are the rights and privileges of a Buteyko Specialist status?

The Buteyko Specialist diploma indicates that a person has received the required training in order to safely and effectively teach the Buteyko Breathing Method including the Buteyko breathing Exercises to individuals and groups. However, a Buteyko Specialist is not permitted to train people to become Buteyko practitioners.

What is required to become an Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist?

Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist status is awarded to Buteyko practitioners who continue on to complete several years of successful work as a Buteyko teacher and took the Advanced Buteyko Practitioner Training course.