Buteyko Breathing Exercises or Holistic Lifestyle?

Sasha Yahovleva explains why she decided to start the BreathMastery Program.  She said that when people start learning the Buteyko method, they typically are very focused on breathing exercises. This approach is correct, especially for anyone who hyperventilates to a serious degree. However, in the later stages of the Buteyko practice, breathing exercises become a bit less important and the Buteyko lifestyle becomes essential.  The problem is that most people don’t really know the nuances of the Buteyko lifestyle or how to apply it in their lives.

The BreathMastery Program’s teachers and community help people implement all the essential elements of the Buteyko lifestyle, which  vitality-boosting.  Sasha tells the story of an elderly farmer at a local market that illustrates the power of a natural lifestyle.  “This man,  who was in the beginning of his 80s,  was breathing silently and invisibly through his nose even when he had to lift heavy bags of potatoes and onions. I was so impressed by him.”

The farmer explained to Sasha that he recently hurt his leg and had to see a physical therapist. During the sessions, the therapist told him to “inhale as much as he could and breathe more deeply”. This elderly man was very confused and said to Sasha, “Could you please tell me something about my breathing? I never had any health problems or breathing problems my entire life, and now this therapist tells me to breathe in a certain way. Should I? Should I not?”  Sasha looked at him and said “The most important thing for you is not to listen to anyone’s recommendations on how to breathe because your lifestyle has been natural and perfect your entire life. Your breathing is perfect as well.”

This encounter is a good reminder for all of us that if we have the right lifestyle, one that supports a normal level of CO2, then we don’t need to do breathing exercises.  However, to reach this level, people typically need guidance and the support of a community.  The BreathMastery Program recognizes this and serves as a guiding light for individuals on their Buteyko journey. It offers ongoing support and accountability, ensuring that both breathing exercises and lifestyle adjustments are harmoniously integrated.

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