BreathMastery Member Quits the Support Program. Why?

When Mr. B,  a retired gentleman from England, embarked on the BreathMastery program, his goal was to achieve a Positive Maximum Pause of 60 seconds. However, the program did not fulfill his expectations, it exceeded them. Within the first six months, his PMP score soared to an astonishing 90 seconds; in addition, he learned and experienced many health improvement and longevity techniques. As a result… he decided to quit.

Sasha Yakovleva, the leader of the group, felt confused and wrote to him personally: “There is something I don’t understand… it seems that the BreathMastery made a significant positive impact on your well-being, and yet you are leaving… Why is this?”

Mister B replied, “Yes, it made a significant positive impact. But in a sense, the success of the program means I have less reason to continue. I have learned new things which I can now build on in my own time and my own way. It’s like I was a limp balloon which has been inflated and I can now fly away to higher pastures.”

His story is an example of how the Buteyko BreathMastery & International Community program helps its members achieve optimal levels of respiration, health, and well-being. It highlights the incredible power of the Buteyko method in helping individuals create their new reality – a healthy life they may have never thought attainable.

The question remains, though: is the BreathMastery program too effective? Does it need to be less effective to prevent members from quitting the program as well as quitting their previous unhealthy lifestyles and breathing habits? 😀

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