Are You Tired After Talking? Shortness of Breath While Speaking?

Many people are tired after talking or experience shortness of breath when they speak. Why does this happen and can you do anything about it?

Dr. Buteyko unearthed this mystery: he discovered that excessive breathing, especially through the mouth, leads to the loss of CO2 in the lungs, which is our vital energy. Struggling to maintain its homeostasis, the body activates various compensatory mechanisms, primarily breathing difficulties but also others. This is why teachers, actors, singers, politicians, and public speakers often suffer from asthma, COPD, fatigue, high blood pressure and even insomnia.

If your energy levels waiver during a period of time where you are talking a lot or you feel drained after a long conversation, there is a reason and it is connected to your breathing! If you are a Buteyko beginner, a long-time student, or in the profession of speaking, and if you are struggling with fatigue, this video will help you. Listen now as Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of the Buteyko Breathing Center and Advanced Buteyko Specialist, speaks about the correlation between your breathing and talking as well as our Buteyko Breathing Exercises service that is tailored to help individuals specifically with this issue. Learn how to save or even gain energy while speaking, singing, or chanting.


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