My Daughter Off Inhalers After Buteyko Natural Asthma Cure

Dear Jesse,

Kate, my three year old daughter, has been doing great, knock knock on wood… 🙂 We are still doing Buteyko breathing exercises twice a day on a regular basis, and she has gotten into a habit of breathing through the nose all the timeI am very impressed with the results, as we’ve been having all our windows open, the pollen counts are high, everyone is coughing and sneezing, but her nose remains clear... She sleeps with open windows, plays outside, runs, jumps, and has been off Claritin and Nasonex for 3.5 weeks now! Since her allergies have always been pretty mild, I think that the nose breathing has really made a difference…
Her asthma has also been pretty much under control… She is still on her costeroid (Flovent) inhaler twice a day, and I am just waiting for her to get a cold to see if she weathers it without a bronchodilator.

Once that happens, I’ll request re-evaluation and lowering the dosage of the Flovent as well… So I’m just waiting for that cold – how crazy… She hasn’t had a cold for over a month now… 🙂

It really made such a huge difference to have that Skype session with you! I am pretty sure that doing the exercises correctly is the only reason for our normal life right now. Thank you again so much!!! :)”

Olga Wharton

Flower Mound, TX


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