For a year, Not Getting Results With Buteyko Breathing

Both Buteyko Specialists, Sasha Yakovleva and Fred Brown were surprised when I told them that my Control Pause was only 3 seconds. My health should have been terrible, I thought! In reality, I was measuring my Control Pause incorrectly. My health was certainly not good but not as bad as I thought.

My biggest realization after completing the Buteyko Breathing Normalization course is that if you think that the Buteyko Method does not work for you, you are not applying it correctly. Take a one-on-one training with one of the Buteyko Specialists and it will change everything. My health improved and my energy increased during this online program.


This is a true testimonial of a Breathing Center’s client; however, the results of application of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee identical results to everyone who contacts the Breathing Center. Also, please keep in mind that our services are educational, not medical. Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialists are teachers and trainers, not medical doctors.

Breathing Center’s Staff