January, 2010

asthma teenage boy breathing normalizationI’m 13 years old and I’ve had bad asthma all of my life. I went to all types of doctors for years on end, while taking various medications that didn’t seem to be doing anything. About a month ago, my parents discovered an article in the New York Times about Buteyko Center USA, so we decided to try it out.

When I first started The Buteyko Method, my body was in bad condition. My nose was always badly stuffed up and I would breathe heavily out of my mouth all the time. If I ran up a big hill, or just went for a jog, I would need my inhaler. My body could handle exercise, but it could not handle my asthma.

When I arrived at the Buteyko Center, I could barely do a breath hold of 3 seconds! Now, a month later, I can easily do a breath hold of 20 seconds. And my nose is clear most of the time, for the first time in my life! Each week I get on my computer and work online with one of the practitioners (Jesse Steinberg) and do my exercises with his instructions. By changing my diet and practicing the exercises, I have greatly improved in a very short period of time. And now I can run three miles without difficulty! Thanks Buteyko Breathing Center!

Dave  Koronto
New York City