What is the difference between The Buteyko Method and other breathing techniques or hyperventilation treatments?

There are many breathing techniques available. Often people say: Try this breathing technique; it will be good for you! However, it’s important to determine the purpose of a breathing technique, treatment or method before applying it. Is it intended to be good for your spiritual development, or is it good for your looks? Will it improve your health? And if the stated goal is to improve your health, its ability to do this should be proven by medical trials, clinical work and testimonials.

Medical trials and clinical work have proved that the Buteyko method is effective for health improvement. In several European countries it is covered by medical insurance. Many of Breathing Center’s Student’s had severe breathing difficulties and other health problems but were able to overcome them by practicing breathing exercises and improving their lifestyle in order to support healthy breathing. Our website contains many testimonials from our clients, who share their stories of successful breathing and overall health improvement. They tell of how this natural treatment improves their asthmaenlarged adenoidsanxiety, COPD and many other breathing difficulties.