BreathMastery Disclaimer

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Please read the disclaimer below. Once you have reviewed the disclaimer, please sign it via the electronic signature at the bottom of this page.

Buteyko Breathing Center Disclaimer

The mission of the Buteyko Breathing Center is to educate clients about the non-medical approach to breathing improvement based on the discovery and the life-long research of K. P. Buteyko MD-PhD and his team of doctors and scientists.

I hereby understand, agree, and acknowledge by my signature below that the information offered by the Buteyko Breathing Center through the BreathMastery program is developed for informational purposes only, and in no way is to be used as a substitute for advice from my medical doctor. I also understand that I must not consider the educational material I will learn as a replacement for a treatment by my medical doctors.

I further understand the intent of this educational program is to teach me how to breathe better and have a healthier lifestyle. Never hesitate to ask your personal physician for his/her advice concerning your involvement with the exercises and practices. The supervision and consent of your doctor will assure safe and effective implementation of information presented by the Buteyko Breathing Center.

If any exercises or approaches learned through the BreathMastery program create any discomfort or health concern, please cease them immediately and contact your doctor.

You should never stop taking your medications, decrease or increase their dosage without a consultation with your primary physician.

The BreathMastery group is a meeting of the minds that consists of Buteyko students. To create and maintain a welcoming environment, no participants at any time are allowed to disclose confidential information regarding other members, including but not limited to name, circumstances, practice details and any personal information shared via our Facebook group or during live sessions. All members are expected to attend all sessions or watch the recordings that will be made available during their membership. No member is allowed to share these recordings outside the group, including but not limited to sharing video links or their content. Any person(s) violating member confidentiality will be removed from the group.

This program runs on an ongoing basis.  Should you choose to be a member of this Buteyko BreathMastery program and community created for educational and informational purposes only, you are personally taking responsibility for your health. The Buteyko Breathing Center assumes no responsibility.