This online school was founded in 2009 by Buteyko Teacher Sasha Yakovleva, following the request of Dr. Buteyko’s family and Buteyko Clinic in Moscow.
We are located in Colorado, USA.
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Breathing Exercises Package 1 - Five Buteyko Essentials

Breathing Exercise Package 1 - Five Buteyko Essentials





Be guided through customized breathing exercises with a Buteyko Specialist! During each online meeting, your practitioner will guide you through Buteyko breathing exercises selected specifically for your needs and/or condition. Your practitioner will show you how to optimize your results. This package is not a course to learn the Method; this package contains the instructional sessions that will allow you to experience the Buteyko Breathing exercises - one, but significant element of the Buteyko Method. 

Every session will be dedicated to one type of breathing practice allowing you to become familiar with all foundational techniques of the Buteyko Breathing Method. This package can be purchased more than once, the techniques will remain the same; however, breathing exercises and their intensity will change. 

If you would like to meet with your Buteyko practitioner before purchasing this package, please register for a Preliminary Meeting online. 


Practice Buteyko breathing exercises in a private setting with one of our certified Specialists to experience the Buteyko Method or advance your practice!

This package will help you:

-              Breathe healthily

-              Do Buteyko breathing exercises correctly

-             Improve your breathing patterns

-              Increase your vitality, overall oxygenation, and CO2 concentration


This package is for absolute beginners, intermediate, or advanced Buteyko students.

These sessions are designed to assist current students in advancing their practice at any level or for new students by providing the opportunity to try the exercises before fully implementing the Buteyko method. Everyone is welcome to enjoy practicing these exercises!


This package contains five one-on-one sessions, 40 minutes each (30 minutes is dedicated to doing breathing exercises) Sessions are offered online via Zoom and can be taken from anywhere in the world!

Each weekly session will be recorded for you. For best results, we recommend continuing to work on improving your breathing in between sessions by following the recording.


These exercise sessions are available exclusively with our top certified Buteyko Specialists who are trained by Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist and the co-founder of the Breathing Center


There are no requirements other than the ability to access Zoom for your virtual sessions. 


Friday, 17 September 2021
Loved practicing these with Ganesh!
Terri Noppen