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Training In Natural Solution For Anxiety Brings Improvement

Ivette office

Approximately a year ago I found myself in a very dark place. I was overloaded, I felt extreme anxiety, I did not sleep well and it felt like the physical effects of these experiences were more and more evident.  I did not see a solution to this situation. With the negative effects of my daily experiences I continued dedicating time to my responsibilities, despite the extremely painful symptoms I was encountering. 

At this moment I received a totally unrelated visit from Iván Pardo, Breathing Normalization Specialist, in my office, my first impression of Iván was the sense of peace and lightness that emanated from him.  His presence produced a sense of tranquility. I remember my thoughts at the moment. I wished to have that effect of peace and tranquility.  I was very impressed with how comfortable the conversation was even before our conversation began to go into the direction of Ivan’s observations about the way I was breathing and how this was contributing to all these debilitating symptoms.

Iván spoke about Dr. Buteyko’s Method and how it could help me improve my health through proper breathing. Days later I began to practice the breathing exercises and began to recover my energy; the anxiety was disappearing! It was even more wonderful to feel the difference of how I felt a month after beginning the breathing exercises. 

The breathing exercises were very easy to become accustom to. We all know the importance of proper oxygen distribution in our bodies, but we tend to think this proper distribution happens naturally. But this is not usually the case. Our daily routine often ignores the importance of paying attention to something as vital as our breathing.

Today I am in a very different place and attribute this extremely positive change to the lucky encounter that I had a year ago with Iván and his extraordinary experience with the Breathing Normalization Method. I now recommend this new way of life to everyone and anyone who wants to make a positive change in their health.

Ivette Cruz

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