Sleep Apnea and Asthma are Alleviated With Buteyko Breathing

I am astonished and grateful for the changes I am experiencing.

I am nearly 70 years old.  For many years I have had debilitating symptoms which have seriously compromised my working and social life and caused a depressing outlook on life.  With a total commitment to whatever I undertook for improved health I have been to five chiropractors, a prominent arthritis professor, an endochronologist, a consultant physician in Infectious Diseases & Tropical Diseases, a Chinese herbalist, three myotherapists, a nutritionist, a naturopath, a cranial osteopath, had countless blood and urine tests, stool analyses (very expensive), breath testing for fermentable sugars, taken endless numbers of vitamins and minerals, a few drugs, used Ventolin which had disagreeable side effects, wore a bite-plate for years.. Thousands of dollars later… with the encouragement of  my excellent Dr. of Cranial Osteopathy who has afforded me the most relief, I attended the Butekyo course given in Melbourne Victoria. I named sleep apnea, asthma, jaw clenching and snoring as major problems, with numerous side symptoms.  These symptoms decreased from the first simple breathing exercise over the course and it is now ten days on. My CP on day 1 was 22-27, pulse 80 – today CP 48-52,  pulse 68-72  (which it was in 1996!) And I continue.  Other symptoms have vanished and I sleep through the night. No bite-plate.  I cannot emphasize how simple and successful I have found Buteyko in such a short time. Please use my testimonial anywhere you like!

Wendy Becher


This is a true testimonial of a Breathing Center’s client; however, the results of application of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee identical results to everyone who contacts the Breathing Center. Also, please keep in mind that our services are educational, not medical. Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialists are teachers and trainers, not medical doctors.

Breathing Center’s Staff