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August 2009

I came to the Buteyko Breathe-less system by accident, or by fate, depending on how one sees things. My wife Doris phoned Thomas and Sasha after seeing a poster promoting a workshop. During the conversation, she told them of my exercise-induced asthmatic condition. They then invited us to tea at their lovely studio. After much discussion, we both enrolled in the Breathe-less program.

I had been having progressively worse asthma symptoms whenever I would hike, or go cycling. After starting Breathe-less, the very next time I went hiking my symptoms nearly vanished! Since that time, I have had no asthmatic attacks, or even hint of an attack. My hiking companions comment on how different I have been, as I used to stop frequently to “cough my head off”.

In addition, the inflammation in my partially torn Achilles tendon has reduced at least 75%, and I’ve had far less pain and discomfort than in the last three years, since it tore. It had been getting worse! A side benefit, if I may call it that, is that I have lost 5 kilos (we don’t own a pounds scale) without trying to diet or change eating habits. My appetite is reduced, and I feel full much sooner and am less likely to take seconds at a meal. I believe that the Buteyko Practice has made my metabolism more efficient, the proof being the pounds shed with no other reason evident.

Last year I was hospitalized with crippling back pain. Scans found no evident damage, so the doctors drugged me with pain killers, tranquilizers, steroids and muscle relaxers. The drugs got me out of the hospital, but left me with severe cognitive deficits that hardly began to resolve until I had been out for six months. It was then a slow incremental process of improvement, but I hadn’t yet felt back to normal when we began Buteyko. Since then, I feel I have gotten back to 100% and more. My mind is clearer, and short-term memory has much improved.

It also needs to be said that this all has happened in six weeks! I’m amazed, and so grateful to Thomas and Sasha for their attention to our process. I highly recommend Buteyko Breathe-less to any and all who suffer with these, or similar problems.

Charles LaBarre,

M.S., L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist

Woodstock, NY