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I’m a 25 year old New Zealander recently moved to Sweden. I’ve been suffering from chronic sinusitis and severe eczema for years, but have always managed to get by (although it's been a struggle at times). I’ve always had low energy and a weak immune system, so I manage to catch colds when I least need it. Gradually though, my symptoms got worse. Chronic fatigue overcame me; I found it hard to fall asleep and breathe comfortably at night: but when I slept, it was a lot. The eczema increased, and the stuffy blocked nose demanded many tissues everyday. For years steroid medication has always inflamed my symptoms. It was time to find something drug-free: a natural and effective solution to my overall health, not just one aspect of it.

The Buteyko Method is it. I have been participating in the Buteyko Method and Lifestyle Course for two weeks, and my health has been improving steadily. My misbehaving nose is not so blocked and painful; I sleep less and fall asleep with ease. My skin is improving everyday and I have more energy, clarity, and calm in my body. I’m happier! To feel my health improving is a relief and an inspiration. I’m not perfect, but I know I can achieve close to it.

I practice the exercises diligently everyday to make sure I reap the full benefits of the Buteyko Method. Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen is a great teacher - he’s fun and makes you feel totally comfortable and understood. I chose to deal with the Buteyko Center USA because of their direct, legal and genuine relationship with Ludmila Buteyko (wife of the late Konstantin Buteyko himself, and patent holder for the method) and the Moscow Clinic. There are so many “Buteyko” practitioners out there in the world - so of course I chose to work with the most legitimate and knowledgeable.

I am really impressed so far, and recommend the Buteyko Center USA without reservation. The experience has influenced my interest in becoming a Buteyko practitioner myself. I am looking forward to near perfect health as I prepare to focus my energy on the training taking place in Woodstock during June of 2010.

Thank you so much to the Buteyko Center USA for this knowledge and gift!

Marsha Brown Stockholm, Sweden