This Method, As A Natural Asthma Treatment, Is Excellent.

Natural cure for asthma and copdI began taking the Level 1 Breathing Normalization course as a 33-year-old mother of 2 young boys. I have suffered from asthma and chronic bronchitis for most of my life. I have severe damage and scarring to my lungs from repeated chest infections and bouts of pneumonia that have seen me hospitalized in ICU.

I was aware of the Buteykotm Breathing Normalization method as I had tried to learn the techniques from 2 other practitioners. They were both unable to help my severe condition but I could see this method, as a Natural Asthma Treatment, would be excellent if I could just find a way to learn it correctly!

I am so grateful to have found Sasha, who with her support and guidance, I have been able to change my quality of life. Sasha has so much knowledge to share on ways to help improve breathing. My progress has been steady and I continue to improve every day.

Sasha was always so willing to help, as I live in Australia there was a great difference in time zones. Sasha was so accommodating and got up very early in the morning to teach me.

I can't recommend this breathing course highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their health.

Sarah Williamson
Old Reynella, Australia
Sarah's Teacher: Sasha Yakovleva