william hawaiiThomas Fredrickson and Sasha have made an indelible imprint on our quality of life.  The information and techniques from the Breathing Center allow us to sleep better, breath better, have more energy, and a much improved life experience.

I came to the Breathing Center through our naturopath.  He mentioned Dr. Buteyko’s work as we were in his office to receive treatment for hypertension (me), and asthma (her), and overall health guidance.  We spent several weeks following his recommendations with diet and nutritional supplements for overall wellness, but we were not experiencing the type of results we were hoping for - especially with the asthma (early morning wheezing, lack of energy, etc).

In the meantime we conceded to implore the expertise of an internist who proceeded to prescribe steroids and rescue inhalants (a most undesirable alternative).

We began to research Buteyko as a last resort and found many YouTube demonstrations and teachers professing the use of the Buteyko technique as a cure for asthma.  It was not until we heard one teacher say, “you could watch all the videos in the world about Buteyko, but until you employ the expertise of a seasoned practitioner versed in the process of Buteyko, will you ever receive the results you are looking for.

The following day, my wife had an extremely difficult night/early morning bout with asthma, - heart palpitations that would not subside, and anxieties that made her feel that the emergency room was eminent.  She went directly to the Breathing Center (formerly Buteyko Center USA), and followed a powerful meditation session with Sasha and was led to call the office that morning @ 6 am. Luckily, “by the Grace of God,” Thomas unknowingly answered the call of distress and immediately put my wife’s mind at ease.  He shared the breathing technique without reservation, – methodically, to ensure she would experience relief and peace of mind.

By the time she was through – we had opened a whole new avenue of opportunity, friendship, ohana (family), love, and awareness with that phone call.  We have since been in contact almost daily and continue to practice our breath hold techniques and exercises diligently.  Sasha and Thomas have been a ray of light in our lives – Thank you Sasha, and thank you Thomas for the gift of “Ha (Breath of Life).”

PEACE and Aloha!  
Honolulu, Hawaii

Teacher: Thomas Fredricksen