Breathlessness was stopped naturallyI have always been very health conscious, exercising regularly and eating carefully and was deeply frustrated when I developed asthma during a virus two years ago. I couldn’t walk up even small hills and to the top of our house without gasping for breath; small everyday stresses left me breathless. I eventually saw a specialist who told me my peak flow was very low and he put me on a steroid inhaler.

It helped at first, but quickly I noticed that I experienced awful rushes of heat and my eyes went red with strange perceptual difficulties. Throughout all this, I felt my body was running too fast, but no one could help me with this feeling. I decide to come off the inhaler and find some natural alternative.

It was then that I found the Breathing Center website and was struck by the complete sense of the Breathing Normalization method. I was hyperventilating… that’s why I felt my body was running too fast.

In December I took Level One Full Training with Sasha. She is a sensitive, deeply caring and very wonderful teacher and I would not have wanted to undertake the process without her incredible guidance.

The day after I started taping my mouth shut at night I noticed I no longer awoke with the terrible neck and head pain I had been experiencing with ever-growing ferocity for several years. It has gone completely.

I had experienced migraine on a regular two weekly basis for many years. I have not had one now for two months. I have never had a settled digestion, but that has settled in the last month… it’s remarkable. I no longer want to sleep so badly I have to close my eyes in the afternoon. I have renewed energy all day long.

As Sasha explains this process is not a pill and takes at least 3 to 6 months for body systems to settle; however in the last ten days, I have been amazed to find I can reach the top of my house breathing normally and when a life stress occurs, I am not reduced to breathing too fast. I am so thrilled and cannot recommend this amazing rewarding process more highly. I also have loved learning the breathing exercises, which will be part of my life forever.

London, UK