Our 5-year-old son, Tommy, has always been a restless sleeper. In January  2013, we noticed that he was experiencing sleep apnea episodes and was snoring heavily. So we scheduled an appointment with an ENT who told us that Tommy's adenoids were obstructing 90% of his nasal airway and would need to be removed.

He is generally a very healthy little boy and my husband and I were shocked that the first recommended course of treatment be surgery. On further research, we found a study that indicated  that adenoid removal is only 25% effective at improving chronic upper respiratory infections. Often, the adenoids would grow back and cause the same kinds of problems as the chid had been experiencing before removal! Though Tommy's symptoms were slightly different, that information was enough to prompt our search for an alternative, and we stumbled upon the Breathing Center. We worked with Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen to learn Buteyko's philosophy and methods of employing his philosophy into our daily lives. Using breathing exercises, modified diet, and general breathing awareness throughout the day has brought relief to Tommy in the form of more peaceful sleep and easier breathing.

Because Tommy loves Star Wars, we encouraged his learning and progress by calling our training his Jedi Knight training. This practice also benefitted the whole family, including mom, dad, and big sister, Ella. We all continue to practice and grow in our healthfulness! Best of all, we feel confident that adenoid removal is no longer necessary. Even if we lose sight of our practice temporarily and symptoms begin to reoccur, we now know what to do to get back on track with our good breathing and good health.