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Sasha Yakovleva is an expert on the Buteyko Breathing Method and Russian Healing Arts, an Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist, and co-founder of BreathingCenter.com. Her work has been featured in The New York Times and many other publications, TV, and radio programs.

She is the author of the books Breathe To Heal, Adenoids Without Surgery as well as the instructional DVD series called The Buteyko Breathing Method, and the CD - Breathing Normalization Meditations and many other educational programs.

Sasha holds a Master's Degree in Journalism. She has studied holistic healing modalities around the world and has written about them extensively for almost thirty years. Sasha is originally from Moscow, Russia. In 1990, she started publishing the first Russian holistic magazine, which became a large national publication. Soon after, she opened the first health food store in Moscow. She wrote Anthology of The Inward Path, a book containing many articles and interviews with healers, progressive scientists, doctors, and spiritual leaders from Russia and other countries. She traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and North America, researching and writing about various mind, body, and spiritual techniques. She was trained to teach the Buteyko Method by the founders of this method at Clinica Buteyko in Moscow.

Since 1993, Sasha has been practicing various forms of meditation under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist teachers. She has completed several short and long periods of intense practice.

In 2007, Sasha's husband, Thomas Fredricksen, became severely ill with asthma. Even though his disease was considered incurable, Dr. Buteyko's method successfully healed it. Sasha also applied Dr. Buteyko's approach. She was able to cure her headaches, serious kidney problems, pain in her joints, and other health issues. In 2009, Sasha became a certified Buteyko Buteyko Practitioner. For Sasha, the discoveries and the method of K.P. Buteyko M.D.became a unifying factor for all knowledge she acquired over the course of her life from various holistic and spiritual schools. 

Since 1998, she has been residing in the United States. Currently, she lives in Crestone, Colorado. As a Buteyko Breathing Specialist, she works with adults and children around the world. She represents the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method and the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow. 

The Power Of Breathing


by Sasha Yakovleva
Co-Founder, Breathing Center

Meeting each other ignited an immediate spark. Thomas and I madly fell in love, and two weeks later we were engaged. For our honeymoon, we went to Hawaii where both of us caught exotic flu. After struggling for a while, I recovered, but Thomas has not. The virus turned his mild asthma into a severe disease rendering him disabled.

Neither conventional nor alternative medicine was capable of stopping his breathlessness, cough, mucus, wheezing, and fatigue. There was no hope, but we kept praying. Being Russian, I have heard about the Buteyko method but wasn’t thinking about it until a friend said, “Call Clinica Buteyko! Now!” I did. Soon after, we flew to Moscow. Breathing exercises improved Thomas’ condition and eventually ended his respiratory problems. I also practiced reduced breathing: it stopped my joint pain, kidney issues, headaches, and allergies; it made me feel and look younger.

Founders of Clinica Buteyko in Moscow requested Thomas and me to represent the Buteyko Method in the English-speaking world. The method was gaining popularity but often was presented incorrectly, generating undesirable results. We agreed to teach Buteyko Breathing Normalization. To master it, we made several trips to Russia and Ukraine and became the first westerners who received the method in its complete form.

Despite a common belief, breathing less is not an easy task; it requires knowledge, mindfulness, patience, and discipline. Just as you cannot become a martial artist within a weekend, it takes time to learn Buteyko. Since 2009, I trained thousands of people around the globe. My experience shows that the most efficient way to learn it is one-on-one, in person or online, for two months or longer. My students shared incredible stories of their recoveries from various ailments; you can find them on our website.

For more than twenty-five years, I have been studying holistic healing modalities and practicing meditation and yoga. For me, Breathing Normalization is not just another technique to advance body, mind, and spirit but a unifying factor for everything I have learned. It is also the most effective approach I ever came across. It does not reject any modern or ancient techniques but makes them more efficient by using respiration as a litmus paper for progress.

In 2017, Thomas died from liver cancer: he had been struggling with liver problems since his youth. The Buteyko method did not save his life but made it longer and improved its quality on all levels. I ended up being a channel for Dr. Buteyko’s work as well as of other doctors, scientists and health enthusiasts who realized the power of breathing. My Buteyko journey, initially sparked by love, continues rewarding me with a precious opportunity to share my passion by helping people to get better.