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My Chiropractor Says Keep Doing It - Breathing Normalization

Macomb Autism Society

As I am reviewing my Breathing Normalization specialist training materials, I had to pause to share some news and express my appreciation for all of you once again, as well as share my small triumphs...

On a personal note, I've experienced some very encouraging results. My chiropractor told me, "whatever you are doing, it's working so keep doing it!" She said my improvement in my right leg and hip is quite miraculous. She told me for now I only need to see her once a week, and soon only as-needed. She said my progress is amazing. I attempted to explain that it is breathing, but she didn't seem ready to wrap her brain around that concept. She assumes it is my yoga. But in all honesty my muscles are dramatically relaxing, making my yoga (and cardio) much easier.

Secondly, I have gone from a Women's size 12 to a Junior's size 9 very skinny jeans, since I began doing this work. I have lots of room in all my clothes. Good thing most are stretchy yoga pants or I would have nothing that fits. I am amazed at the difference in my body.

Last but not least, I have a yoga student who has been attending an occasional Bikram yoga class with her daughter. She said one day she was in class, sweating, struggling, and her head felt very hot. She then noticed that she was breathing through her mouth, pretty much gasping for breath. She said at that moment she recalled what I had been repeating about nose-breathing. So she closed her mouth and began breathing through her nose. She said all of the tension almost immediately disappeared. She felt her body and her head begin cooling down even in the hot room, and she felt peaceful and relaxed almost immediately. I just thought that was awesome.

These have been my most recent successes, besides my control pause of between 48 and 55.

It means a lot to me to be an inspiration to others. Thank you for ALL that you give me, which I feel is WAY above and BEYOND what I ever imagined or expected. You have far exceeded my expectations. I still have my challenges, and my bad days, but they have become fewer and farther in between.

And Dear Sasha, my daughter, Lina is up to 6 jumps now. And the fact that she is still doing this says a LOT. Hard for a 19 year old to take advice from MOM.

Much Love and Gratitude to ALL of you,

Lisa Calice (your Number One Fan)

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