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Do you wish to improve your breathing and overall health? Buteyko Breathing Normalization will strengthen your respiratory, immune and nervous systems, increase energy and stop breathing difficulties. It does not have any negative side-effects! It is effective for adults and children.

breathing-normalization-method-book-coverWe help people to become healhy! Our programs can be taken online from anywhere in the world.
Breathing Center's (formerly Buteyko Center USA) successful work was featured in the New York Times and many other media channels. Please visit our About Us page for more information.

Start learning Buteyko Breathing Normalization the drug-free and holistic method:

We are certified Breathing Normalization Specialists trained by medical doctors at Clinica Buteyko Moscow.

We are also people helping people. We used to be sick, now we are healthy. We are happy to share our experience with you. We are not doctors and we do not treat any specific disease.

We educate people on the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method originated by K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD. In 1952, he made a revolutionary discovery: over-breathing is extremely dangerous and can triger various breathing problems and health issues. Breathing Center officially represents Russian patent holders of the Buteyko Method.

clientsBreathing Center has been helping people since January, 2009.

Our website displays hundreds of Testimonials of our clients who improved their health by improving their breathing. 

Our main office is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Breathing Normalization Specialists work with people online and in person all over the world. 

No one is too young or too old to improve her or  his breathing. 

why-usBreathing Center is the exclusive representative of Clinica Buteyko (Moscow, Russia)

Without normalizing your breathing, you will not be able to defeat a disease. Your immune system will remain weak and many other systems will be off balance. As a result, you might feel tired, even depressed, ill and will have to take various medication. The Buteyko Breathing Normalization method will set you free. Sixty years of its application under medical supervision in Clinica Buteyko in Moscow has proved this. Breathing Center officially offers this unique method in the USA and other countries.

Breathe Less To Create Optimal Health And Longevity!

What is Buteyko Breathing Normalization? 

Buteyko Breathing Normalization is an umbrella term used to describe wellness training offered to people who wish to improve their breathing and achieve optimal health. The development of the method begun in Moscow in the early 1950s by a Russian medical doctor named Konstantin P. Buteyko, who discovered that over-breathing (hyperventilation) is a major contributing factor to, and quite possibly a cause for, many breathing problems and other health issues including asthma, anxiety, and enlarged adenoids. Almost sixty years of work by Russian scientists and medical doctors have refined Dr. Buteyko's approach to the point where we now have a holistic and medication-free method, which not only improves respiratory function but also increases the efficiency of all bodily systems. The Breathing Center exclusively represent the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method. 

What is was established in 2009 by Sasha Yakovleva and Thomas Fredricksen, at the request of the Russian patent holders of the Buteyko Breathing Method and Dr. Buteyko's family.  Since that time, has further developed the Dr. Buteyko’s approach and now offers various Breathing Normalization programs and educational products online and in person for adults and. Our wellness programs are based on breathing exercises and lifestyle changes that support healthy breathing. is an international network of Breathing Normalization Specialists, trained by medical doctors at Clinica Buteyko Moscow and staff.  Breathing Normalization specialists work with both adults and children mostly online via Skype.  Skype provides the perfect environment for learning and practicing breathing exercises, which allows BreathingCenter's specialists to help clients all over the world. Buteyko Breathing Normalization training can be taken from any country.

Who should learn the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method?

Anyone who wishes to improve their health should learn this holistic and drug-free method. Breathing Normalization Specialists primarily work with people who suffer from hyperventilation; they have various breathing difficulties, such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), sleep apnea, snoring, allergies, hyperventilation syndrome, chronic cough, rhinitis (stuffy nose), nasal polyps, and enlarged adenoids and tonsils. However, the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method is not limited by these health issues. Please look at the full list of the health problems that can be sucessfully adressed by this holistic breathing treatment.

How do I start learning the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method?

The first step to improving your breathing and your overall health is to register for Preliminary Consultation and then to take the Level 1 Breathing Normalization Training for adults and children. Like all BreathingCenter's programs, this wellness training is available online or in person. As an alternative, you may wish to begin with the Breathing Normalization Video Training, which is available as a DVD or an istant download in the store section of our website. There are other options available as well: our group training or Private Sessions with a Breathing Normalization Specialist. 

Could you help my child with enlarged adenoids avoid adenoidectomy?

From the perspective of K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD, enlarged adenoids is a bodily reaction to over-breathing, especially mouth breathing. When hyperventilation is eliminated, adenoids stop growing and breathing becomes quiet, gentle, and healthy.

Breathing Normalization Specialists work with children all over the world who face adenoid removal surgery to help them treat enlarged adenoids naturally. We help them to improve their breathing naturally, and therefore prevent the need for adenoidectomy. It really is a natural adenoid treatment. To learn about our program Adenoids Without Surgery, please visit the Adenoids Without Surgery page of our website.

Why is the Buteyko Method often called "a natural asthma cure"?

Dr. Buteyko’s approach is primarily known for reducing and stopping symptoms of asthma as well as other breathing difficulties and problems. With this so called natural asthma treatment, many asthmatics have been able to stop their suffocation attacks, coughing fits, excessive mucus and other breathing problems by switching to gentle nasal breathing. Please see testimonials of our clients who suffered from asthma but were able to improve their breathing and overall health by learning and applying the Buteyko Breathing Method, which is often casually called a natural asthma cure.  Dr. Buteyko believed that asthma is a reaction to over-breathing or hyperventilation. To learn more, please read an interview with Dr. Novozhilov

What is the difference between Buteyko Breathing Normalization and other breathing techniques or hyperventilation treatments?

There are many breathing techniques available. Often people say: “Try this breathing technique; it will be good for you!” However, it’s important to determine the purpose of a breathing technique, treatment or method before applying it. Is it intended to be good for your spiritual development, or is it good for your looks? Will it improve your health? And if the stated goal is to improve your health, its ability to do this should be proven by medical trials, clinical work and testimonials.

Medical trials and clinical work have proved that the Buteyko method is effective for health improvement. In several European countries it is covered by medical insurance. Many of Breathing Center’s Student's had severe breathing difficulties and other health problems but were able to overcome them by practicing breathing exercises and improving their lifestyle in order to support healthy breathing. Our website contains many testimonials from our clients, who share their stories of successful breathing and overall health improvement. They tell of how this natural treatment improves their asthma, enlarged adenoids, anxiety, COPD and many other breathing difficulties.

What is the goal of this approach to Over-breathing or Hyperventilation?

The goal of Buteyko's natural hyperventilation (over-Breathing) treatment is to increase the level of CO2 in the lungs up to the medical norm. This has a strong positive impact on the respiratory system and all bodily functions. To understand more, please read this interview with Ira Packman, MD. 



Buteyko Breathing Method: Improve Your Breathing And Health


Over-breathing, or hyperventilation, reduces oxygen delivery to the brain, heart, kidneys and other vital organs; creates spasms in various systems; damages metabolism and the functioning of the nervous, cardio-vascular, respiratory and immune systems. Over time, hyperventilation will gradually destroy a person's health and in some cases it can even be lethal. 

Here at Breathing Center, we teach how to restore a person's health by reducing or eliminating excessive breathing. This method is based on the ground-breaking findings of K. P. Buteyko, MD who discovered that the improvement of breathing leads to significant improvement in the functioning of immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory and other bodily systems. His discoveries were confirmed by sixty years of the application of Buteyko Breathing Method under medical supervision in Clinica Buteyko in Moscow. Clinica Buteyko and the patent holders of the Buteyko method granted the Breathing Center official rights to teach it.

People who apply Buteyko Breathing Normalization overcome various diseases, such as asthma, COPD, allergies, rhinitis, hypertension, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and eczema – just to name a few (see the full list of reversible conditions). There are thousands of people all over the world who are living proof that Dr. Buteyko's approach works. Breathing Normalization Specialists are health coaches who teach people how to restore their health by improving their breathing and altering their lifestyle. Our practitioners work in person or via the Internet.

Wherever you are in the world, if your wish is to improve your breathing and health, we can help you – just contact us.The best way to learn this method is by enrolling in one of our Breathing Normalization programs. Please visit our Training page to see the programs designed for individuals, families, groups and various budgets as well. During these programs, the specialist determines causes of hyperventilation, and creates a plan for altering the students' lifestyle – in order to improve their breathing and health. The Breathing Normalization Practitioner also teaches a student the breathing exercises, which are foundational to this method.These exercises create numerous positive physiological shifts in the body. Normally, after the completion of a Breathing Normalization program a person feels more energetic and their regular needs for sleep and food become naturally reduced since their body starts functioning more efficiently. Our Level 1 Buteyko Breathing Normalization training is the most effective way to learn the many aspects of Dr. Buteyko's method, which helps adults and children. We also have many other educational programs and products. For the full list, please visit our online store.

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