Fred Brown, Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist


Fred Brown is an Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist; he is also a Respiratory Therapist of twenty-five years working at a New York hospital. He was trained in the Buteyko Breathing method by Sasha Yakovleva, the co-founder of the Buteyko Breathing Center. He is passionate about educating his clients and patients on how to improve their health through correct breathing. Fred brings his expertise as a Respiratory Therapist together with his knowledge of Buteyko breathing and provides a comprehensive insight for healthy breathing and management.

Once Fred started applying the Buteyko Method to his approach to respiratory care, he has experienced and seen the most and fastest results with himself and his patients in the hospital and his clients through online counseling.

In addition, Fred has spent two years studying the art of Acupuncture, which he has found to add value to his approach to holistic healthcare. Fred now sees the importance of focusing on healthy breathing as an essential foundation for maintaining and improving one’s health.

Along with physical health, Fred is also committed to spiritual growth. He believes in addressing every aspect of health; physical, emotional, and religious for himself and those who are interested. He is an evangelism coordinator for the Long Island Church of Christ and teaches Bible classes, locally and online.

Fred was born and raised in New York City and presently lives in Long Island, New York. He is a husband of 25 years, and he and his wife Caprice have two sons aged 16 and 2O at the time of this publication.