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FAQs: Representation of the Buteyko Method

 Q: Is the word “Buteyko” trademarked?

A: Yes. The word “Buteyko” is trademarked. In Russia, the word “Buteyko” (both in English and Russian) is a registered trademark (number 379371). Clinica Buteyko Moscow and Dr. Buteyko’s family registered the trademark “Buteyko” in an attempt to preserve the Buteyko™ method and protect it from misuse. This was a reaction to the fact that many people use the terms “Buteyko method” or “Buteyko practitioner” without a proper education in the method or without the necessary legal rights. Some “Buteyko practitioners” are very enthusiastic about the “Buteyko method”; however, their instructions sometimes oppose the directions given by Dr. Buteyko and could harm people’s breathing and health. Of course, this is not applicable to all “Buteyko practitioners,” many of whom are skillful and knowledgeable people, but regrettably it does apply to many of them. We sincerely hope that this situation will change in the future.  

Q: Is the Buteyko Method patented?
A: In Russia, the Buteyko Method was patented by Dr. Buteyko’s family. Originally, K. P. Buteyko MD, was the author of the patent associated with the Buteyko method. However, the authorship of the patent was transferred by K. P. Buteyko MD, to his wife Ludmila Buteyko and Andrey Novozhilov MD. The patent registration number is 2245171. Breathing Center LLC received rights to use the patent outside Russia.  

Q: Who are Ludmila Buteyko and Andrey Novozhilov, MD?
A:Ludmila Buteyko was Dr. Buteyko’s wife and his closest collaborator throughout his career. She was one of the most advanced teacher of the Buteyko Method and worked as the director of education at Clinica Buteyko Moscow. Along withAndrey Novozhilov, Ludmila Buteyko was the owner of the intellectual property associated with the Buteyko Method, namely the Russian patents and trademarks. Andrey Novozhilov MD, is K. P. Buteyko’s stepson, who worked closely with him for many years. He is the foremost medical authority on the Buteyko Method in the world and is currently the medical director at Clinica Buteyko™Moscow. Ludmila Buteyko passed away in 2014; Andrey Novozhilov MD is the consultant for Breathing Center LLC. 

Q: What is Clinica Buteyko Moscow?
A: Clinica Buteyko Moscow was formed in 1988 by Konstantin Buteyko MD, along with his wife, Ludmila Buteyko, and her son, Andrey Novozhilov MD. The purpose of the clinic is to treat breathing difficulties and a variety of health conditions using the  Buteyko Method. Andrey Novozhilov MD, Ludmila Buteyko, and many doctors at the Clinica developed a variety of programs for treating specific illnesses. Throughout its years of practice, Clinica Buteyko has successfully treated thousands of patients, including young children and severely ill people.  

Q: What is the Breathing Center?
A: Breathing Center LLC is the official representative of Clinica Buteyko Moscow outside Russia. Breathing Center (formerly Buteyko Center USA) was cofounded in 2009 byThomas Fredricksen and Sasha Yakovleva at the request of the founders of Clinica Buteyko Moscow, Ludmila Buteyko and Andrey Novozhilov, MD. 


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