Doctor Confirms That Buteyko Breathing Normalization Is Effective

Dr. Ira Packman, MD, began working with the Buteyko Method because of his own asthma. He tells about the dramatic improvement he saw from learning and applying the Buteyko Method. He saw improvement in his asthma with a decrease in medication. Then he became interested in the theory and concepts of how this method works. At that time he started working with Buteyko Center USA, Now



Buteyko Breathing Improves Your Body's pH

"Someone who chronically hyperventilates is breathing too deep or too fast without realizing it. This causes a decrease in the body's carbon dioxide level which changes the body's pH balance. Then the lungs go into spasm as an attempt to hold on to carbon dioxide, in an ultimate effort to normalize the body's pH balance. The Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method helps alleviate this condition."


The Buteyko Method: Addressing the Medical Community

It's very important that the Medical Community tries to understand the theories behind the Buteyko Method and the far-reaching effects this could have on the health of the general population. Chronic hyperventilation creates a persistently alkalotic state, it is the presence of a low carbon dioxide level in the lung which causes the body's pH to go up. The body's response to the change in pH is to go into bronchospasm in order to hold onto carbon dioxide, thus bringing the pH back to normal.


Wheezing & Buteyko Breathing Method - Doctor's Opinion

Wheezing is the body's defensive response to hyperventilation. If someone breathes too fast, the carbon dioxide level in the lungs drops. By wheezing, the lungs hold on to more carbon dioxide and try to correct the body's pH balance. We have seen over and over again that if you can get someone who is wheezing to slow down their breathing and increase their carbon dioxide by applying Buteyko Breathing Normalization, the wheezing goes away.


Buteyko Breathing: No Medication; No Side-effects and Safe

The Buteyko Breathing Method has no side effect, there is no down-side to this treatment. People who put into effect the Buteyko Lifestyle treatment will notice a dramatic increase in energy, a decrease in chronic infections, improved sleep, improved memory and dramatic improvements in chronic asthma.


Dr. Buteyko is Einstein Of Medicine!

"Dr. Buteyko's discovery of Breathing Normalization is as significant as Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity. Einstein's discovery changed the way the world looked at energy, mass and movement. It made everyone think differently about things that we all took for granted. I believe that Dr. Buteyko's theories of hyperventilation will revolutionize the way that modern medicine looks at many disease entities."


Dr Ira Packman Realized Dramatic Results With Asthma

Buteyko Breathing Normalization is a Holistic treatment for all different types of illnesses and ailments especially breathing difficulties. Dr. Ira Packman explains his own background as a doctor and how the Buteyko Method has helped him with his own asthma.