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Everyone who has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease needs to apply the Breathing Normalization™ Method based on the work of K.P. Buteyko, M.D.  This drug-free approach, which does not have any side-effects, stops further deterioration of lungs and greatly improves their condition. This was proven many times by pulmonologists! Breathing awareness and exercises preventing chronic lost of carbon dioxide in the lungs create higher oxygenation of the whole body.

People’s Stories


Irma Matos - Testimonial from Buteyko Center USAHerb Birch (President and CEO, HBHMC) - Ocean City, NJ.  July, 2010:
I have been under the care of Thomas and Sasha Yakovlev-Fredricksen and their Staff Members at Breathing Center (formerly Buteyko Center USA) for the past 8 weeks, I sought out their assistance because I was very concerned about my breathing.  It didn't seem like anything I was doing was working properly.  My breathing got worse and I worried more and more about it.  I was diagnosed with COPD and placed on several forms of medication, all of them helped some.  I was told by my General Practitioner, Cardiologist and Pulmonary Physicians to lose weight.  My daughter told me about a program her stepfather was on that had helped him with asthma.  I talked to him, reached Buteyko and here I am!
I have lost 18 pounds and will lose another 30 during the next six months.  I am no longer afraid.  This is working and it will continue to work, I clearly have a new lease on life.  THE BUTEYKO’S BREATHING NORMALIZATION  METHOD WORKS IF YOU WORK FOR IT!!!!!!!