Q: What kind of professional training to become a Buteyko practitioner do you offer?
A: Breathing Center, the official representative of Clinica Buteyko Moscow, offers training for everyone who would like to teach the Buteyko Breathing Method. Please see more information regarding our certification programs.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for beginning the Buteyko Certification training?
A: Yes. In order to enroll, a person needs to complete our Buteyko Breathing Training Level 1 course. 

Q: How often does the Buteyko Certification professional training take place?
A: The Buteyko Breathing certification programs are available anytime - it is an individual online program. 

Q: What are the rights and privileges of a Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist status?
A: The Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist Diploma indicates that a person has received the required training in order to safely and effectively teach the Buteyko Breathing Method including the Buteyko breathing Exercises to individuals and groupd. However, a Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist is not permitted to train people to become Buteyko Breathing Method Specialists.

Q: What is required to become an Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist?
A: Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist status is awarded to specialists who continue on to complete several years of successful work as a Buteyko practitioner and the Level 6 Buteyko course.