Andrey Novozhilov M.D., Consultant to

Dr.Buteyko always referred to A. E. Novozhilov MD as the co-creator of the Buteyko Method. Currently, Dr. Novozhilov is a patent holder of the Buteyko Method in Russia where it has been originated.

As a nine-year-old boy, Andrey witnessed the clinical death of his mother, Ludmila, not once, but two times. Ludmila suffered from vicious asthma attacks and had cancer; doctors did not think she would survive. Andrey remembers this period as a dark, hopeless time, during which he would often knock on all the doors in their apartment building, asking neighbors to help his mother. People felt sorry for the little boy, but no one knew how to help. One day in 1969, Andrey and Ludmila found a newspaper article about Professor Buteyko. Out of desperation, they wrote him a letter. At the time, Dr. Buteyko resided in Siberia where he headed a scientific laboratory. Despite his remote location, however, he was receiving over 200 letters a day from people like Ludmila.

Even though it was impossible to help everyone, Buteyko made his best effort to help as many as he could. During his next visit to Moscow, he arranged a meeting with Ludmila and Andrey. He attempted to teach Ludmila, but her awful health condition made it impossible for her to comprehend the Method. The Professor then decided to teach his method to Andrey, in hopes that he could explain it to his mother. When Buteyko left, Andrey, gently and patiently, began teaching the Method to Ludmila, encouraging her to reduce her breathing. In two weeks, her health improved dramatically and she was able to come back to her normal life. Thus, at the age of nine, Andrey had his first medical experience: saving the life of his own mother.

Later on, Ludmila, became the wife of Konstantin Buteyko, which gave Andrey a unique opportunity to study the method from the founder himself. In 1989, greatly influenced by Buteyko's work, Andrey completed his studies and graduated from the First Moscow Medical Institute. He began working as a general practitioner. Andrey has said, "Even though I became a medical doctor, I cannot say that medical activities always generated my greatest interest. What is truly fascinating for me is finding an answer to the question: what is the meaning of this life? I look at medical activities as a tool, which helps us understand the greater picture of this world." Dr. Novozhilov is currently the Medical Director of Clinica Buteyko (Moscow). He sees patients on a daily basis. It is impossible to say how many lives he has saved or how many people have regained their health as a result of his work.

In his approach, Andrey never limits himself by a solely physiological perspective. He sees a clear connection between body, mind, and spirit, and believes that every health problem has a reason that often lies beyond the medical. Dr. Novozhilov is also the author of the Asthma Cure Manual. This book is written for medical professionals and people who suffer from asthma, COPD and breathing difficulties. (It is available in our e-store to download and in paper format.)