dreamstime s 92316382Buteyko And Breathing Problems

Western Doctors tend to look at disease like a mechanic looking at a car. Something has gone wrong and we need to get in there and fix it by using medicine, surgery, etc. Dr. Buteyko had a different way of looking at disease and the body. He viewed the body as highly intelligent. Everything that happens in the body, the body is doing it for a reason. It’s trying to maintain homeostasis. Its balance.

Breathing is incredibly powerful. Dr. Buteyko would say we can live without food for a few weeks, water for about a week, but could survive without air for only a few minutes. Air or how we breathe is the most important component for our health and the most powerful one. Click "Read More" or below to watch a video explaining more about the theory of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method.