Become Healthy, Happy & Strong! 

In this video, Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of Breathing Center and Advanced Buteyko Specialist, shares her personal story of how she learned about Russian Tempering and why it is not only an important health improvement practice but also so much fun!

After Sasha's infant child developed a tumour on her breast, she began researching healing methods and modalities that could help her daughter. She learned about Russian Tempering and decided to try it with her child. In this video, Sasha shares intimate photos and footage from her personal life as she originally explored tempering and also rare footage of Dr. Buteyko practicing this method in the snow. This video clip was taken from Sasha's Russian Tempering course, which is now available for download. Do you want to learn Russian Tempering? DOWNLOAD NOW HERE.

We would like to invite you to join our energetic and enthusiastic Breathe Less Community of people who are making an effort to be healthy, happy, and strong. By practicing Tempering you will learn how to befriend the elements of Nature, and please share your story with us.