How do you feel after scanning the news of a day? Scared? Unsettled? Restless? Insecure? Anxious? Those feelings make a detrimental impact on breathing patterns triggering hyperventilation, accelerating and shortening inhalation and exhalation and initiating unwholesome chest movements. We must breathe like the world is a peaceful, honest, fair and loving place. We have to protect our respiration and overall health from this increasingly worrisome reality. We have to be pragmatic, which means first to defend our lives, our clear thinking, and energy supply by protecting and maintaining our peaceful breathing patterns. This might give us a ground to turn our world into a better place.

How can you breathe healthily no matter what?

Listen to Breathing Normalization Meditations and experience calm breathing. Make a reference point out of it and try to come back to these wholesome breathing patterns as often as possible. Establish a goal to sustain gentle, undisturbed breathing all the time. No Matter What!

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