Did You Notice Anything New In The First Lady's Appearance At The Oscars?

Michelle Obama is learning the Buteyko Breathing Method and successfully applying it. Nasal breathing is essential for any public speaker: it allows them to maintain a high level of energy; makes a person feel and looks calmer as well as more confident. Buteyko Breathing Method specialists often teach this technique to actors, teachers, politicians and anyone else who talks for a living. By the way, this technique is described in detail in the second disc of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training.

 Look at Mrs. Obama's public appearance on February 13th and notice her breathing. She breathes through her mouth, periodically taking deep breaths. These breathing patterns support stress, tiredness and irritation. Now, watch her presentation during the Oscars. The First Lady is breathing through her nose: her breathing is shallow, quiet and hardly noticeable. This is perfect! This type of breathing is in support of good health, a clear mind and even an open heart.

 All we can say is "Bravo, Michelle!"

by Sasha Yakovleva