Follow this community member: from free consult to completing the 8-week training. 

For those who haven't taken the Breathing Normalization training and wonder what the journey is like, this video is for you! We follow this beautiful community member from the very beginning as she inquires about the Buteyko training in hopes to help her asthma, into her private sessions with Sasha Yakovleva, all the way to the end of her 8-week course. What's it like to learn Buteyko and how is her asthma now? Watch this video as she shares her sacred space of learning at the Breathing Center in the spirit of sharing the possibilities one can have with Buteyko!

0:20: Free Consult

2:52: First Sessions with Sasha Yakovleva

10:08: Follow along and do a breathing exercise

16:53: Her Final Session

18:40: Her Testimonial


*Special thanks to this member for her willingness to share her experience with our community!*