James Nestor, the author of Breath,  gave an interview to our International Breathe Less Community. His groundbreaking book about the power of breathing and the benefits reduced nasal breathing is making Dr. Buteyko's premises available for everyone, making people breathe and feel better!

James and the co-founder of the Breathing Center, Sasha Yakovleva, have known each other for several years. In this book, you will find references to the interviews James conducted in the past with Sasha and the Breathing center's clients.  
In this video interview, James Nestor also shared his personal struggle to understand healthy breathing. In addition, in this interview you will find:

  • - The chapter "Less" is about Buteyko Breathing, learn how it was created.
  • - The medical perspective on breathing provided by Dr. Ira Packman, the Medical Consultant of the Breathing Center
  • - About holotropic breathing, Wim Hof's technique, pranayama, and other breathing exercises
  • - The power of nasal breathing vs. mouth breathing
  • - The diaphragm, the most important muscle of our bodies

The interview was conducted by a member of our Breathe Less Community Jean Campbell. 

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