What does it mean to breathe in a healthy way? It means, first of all, breathing through the nose, breathing quietly.

Dr. Buteyko said if a child is breathing through his or her mouth, it means that this child is not healthy; whether this child has some symptoms, some indications of health issues or not, that’s not important. What important is that the health of this child is out of balance, and therefore it will manifest sooner or later as a disease.

Pay attention to your children and how they breathe. Notice, first of all, if a child is breathing through the nose or not. If she or he does not, you can still teach your child to breathe through the nose. Sometimes, all it requires is reminders, even physically closing the mouth (this way, gently). There are also a lot of games, which you can play with your child to help him or her to establish healthy and natural way of breathing. Then, also make sure that breathing of your child is quiet, basically silent. This is a good indication of health. If this is missing, again it is possible to establish it by explaining to a child what is the best way to breathe and also doing some breathing exercises.

There is no health without healthy breathing!

If a child is breathing through the mouth whether he is watching TV, or playing sports, or sleeping – it does not matter, the child still is breathing through his or her mouth. And this means that he is not healthy and he will become ill one way or another or maybe he is already. It is never too late to improve breathing. If you need the help of the Breathing Center, if you need my help or help of other Breathing Normalization Specialists, please contact the Breathing Center.