The Breathing Center is offering a series of free events to support our community through Covid-19. 

Join Ola Lugowska for this Buteyko Chair Yoga practice! Ola combines Buteyko Breathing with a gentle chair yoga practice connecting your mind and body. Everyone is welcome to do this practice. Are you ready to reduce stress and invite movement into the body from the comfort of your home? A yoga mat is not required, just use a chair!

Ola Lugowska is a Buteyko Breathing Specialist and Yoga Instructor. This is a recording from a recent live webinar series. Go to our Events page to register for more live, free events to gain support and experience community from the comfort of your own home.

Many yoga instructors advise breathing in a way triggering hyperventilation and decreasing the CO2 level in the lungs - our vital energy. This is unfortunate. During COVID-19, these recommendations become especially dangerous for health. Ola Lugowskaalways makes sure that participants of her classes practicing gentle, reduced breathing to increase their Control Pause and improve their respiration and overall health.