Do Allergies Make You Fear Spring?

Blooming tress, growing grass, and fragrant flowers often cause sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and terrible headaches. Though beautiful, this rebirth of life is a  serious source of fear and anxiety for many. Unfortunately, allergies are so common that they seem normal.

Allergies are not normal! Just because something becomes expected and part of everyday routine does not mean it is normal. Doctor Konstantin Buteyko was a famous Russian Physiologist who studied the relationship between breathing and health. He agreed with that assessment. From Dr. Buteyko's perspective, allergies are a serious health issue indicating the dysfunction of the immune system. Therefore, if they are not stopped by Breathing Normalization, he believed allergies could lead to cancer.

How To Stop Both The Fear And Allergies And Breathe Easy

All people suffering from in this way have one thing in common - over-breathing. When they reduce their breathing, allergies disappear. So how do we stop the fear? We must first understand some body basics. This article about our nose's function is a good place to start. Need more instant gratification? Check out this short post about how to unblock your nose. All allergy sufferers need to have this easy and quick technique in their back pocket. Are you determined to stop your allergies to pollen, food, pets, etc? Please read a description of our Level 1 Breathing Normalization Full Training and consider taking it. This individual or family program is available all over the world via Skype.

Please don't suffer through another day of labored breathing. As a result of the work of Dr. Buteyko and Breathing Center, there is relief from the fear of spring. Consequently you have every reason to contact Breathing Center today!