Important information to know if you choose to get the vaccine or not. 

Are you getting the Covid vaccine? These days, many people need to make a difficult decision whether to take the vaccine or not. Unfortunately, this is a bit like gambling. If you don't take the vaccine, you at risk of being seriously affected by Covid. If you do, you might experience other health problems, the side effects of this somewhat experimental medicine. I believe that the decision of whether to take the vaccine or not is individual. The goal of this video is not to influence your decision but to help you stay healthy no matter what you decide.

Watch now as the co-founder of the Breathing Center and Advanced Buteyko Specialist, Sasha Yakovelva, talks about the Covid vaccine and the relationship to the health of your breathing. She will show you how to check the strength of your immune system right now, discuss the best protection methods against Covid, what you should do whether you get vaccinated or not and her current experience working with community members who received the vaccine.