Covid-19: Insight & Prevention With A. Novozhilov, MD

A recorded version of this webinar is available here.

Webinar with Dr. Novozhilov, The Co-Founder of Buteyko Clinic in Moscow and the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method.

 How do we survive COVID-19 if infected and what can we do now to protect ourselves? Dr. Novozhilov believes that Coronavirus triggers over-breathing and this can be quite dangerous. In addition to this, medical professionals are using ventilators which increases over-breathing in patients: resulting in a situation that can be lethal. A. Novozhilov MD states that ventilators often kill people, not the Coronavirus. More information.

Join us to discuss the Coronavirus, building your immunity, and learn action steps you can take today to protect yourself.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • how to increase immunity in a simple and affordable way
  • how to evaluate your immune system (whether it is weak or not) by yourself, at home, without any equipment, within 1 minute
  • how to avoid getting ill
  • the key links between respiration and your immunity against COVID-19
  • why some people recover easily and others do not
  • how to keep the disease in its mild form, if infected, avoiding the hospital
  • how you can prevent acute pneumonia & ventilation if you become infected

Dr. Novozhilov will be discussing the overall prevention of Covid-19 and will dive deep into a discussion about why the death rate is so high once patients are put on ventilation.

Join Dr. Novozhilov live from Moscow, Russia! Sasha Yakovleva will translate for him. Dr. Novozhilov is known as a warm and compassionate person who dedicated his entire life to helping people to breathe and feel better. Without his life-long efforts, the authentic Buteyko Method would not be available for us today.

This webinar was held on May 30, 2020. 

The recorded version of this webinar is available here. 

More information about A. E. Novozhilov MD: 
Dr. Andrey Novozhilov, who was raised by Dr. Buteyko, is the only true authority of the Buteyko method. His mother, Ludmila Novozhilova-Buteyko, was Dr. Buteyko’s wife and Konstantin’s strongest advocate. Andrey met Dr. Buteyko when he was nine years old. At that time, his mother was suffering from severe asthma as well as breast cancer; she already had three clinical deaths. Due to her steroid treatments, this 28-year-old stunningly beautiful woman became obese and unable to focus. Since Ludmila was not capable of learning the Method, Dr. Buteyko taught Andrey how to help his mother. Following her son’s guidance, Ludmila was able to breathe again; she lost weight and became healthier and functional. Inspired by the healing power of the Buteyko Method, she began teaching Buteyko Breathing on her own. A few months later, she met Dr. Buteyko again and became his kindred spirit; they spent thirty-five years together. Later, Konstantin Buteyko, Ludmila, and Andrey founded the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow. In Russia, Dr. Novozhilov is considered the co-author of the Buteyko Method since he conveyed Dr. Buteyko’s discoveries into specific protocols regarding various diseases. Dr. Novozhilov is Dr. Buteyko’s medical and scientific heir who managed to preserve the authentic Buteyko Method in its unsullied form.