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What is so special about this book?


  • Texts written by K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD are published for a first time in history!
  • The book contains interviews with A. E. Novozhilov MD and I. J. Packman MD helping to understand why and how Buteyko Breathing Normalization works.
  • A famous article by Jane E. Brody (The New York Times) about the Breathing Center is included!
  • This book is an illustrated guide. The drawings make various aspects of the Method far easier to apply.
  • The book contains a unique collection of breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations not only for adults but children as well.
  • This book was composed by Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of and an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist. She helped thousands of people to improve their breathing.
  • The book was partially written by Breathing Center's actual students of the Breathing Center who have gone from suffocation and fear to a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • This publication is destined to become "Gold Standard" Book for all students and teachers alike who apply Dr. Buteyko's revolutionary approach to breathing and health improvement.
  • This is the only book in English, which is endorsed by Clinica Buteyko in Moscow and recommended to everyone who wish to improve their breathing and overall wellbeing – whether you have asthma or not!

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