Yogis believe that the lifespan of a man is measured not in years but in a number of breaths. If a person's inhalation is rapid, he or she will die young. If a person is economical with their breath, they will live a hundred years or more. 

As Buteyko Breathing Method specialists, we confirm that breathing reduction slows down and sometimes even reverses aging. Looking at my own pictures from five years ago, before I began practicing the Buteyko Breathing Method method, I can see that I look younger now.

It is not a secret that this method increases longevity. In fact, at the beginning of our Breathing Normalization Training, I often tell people that in about three months their friends will start asking them "What happened? You look much better... younger".

The reason for this is that this method boosts oxygenation of the skin and other organs; it helps the whole body function in a healthier and more efficient way. (To learn more read 'The theory of the method' by K.P. Buteyko M.D.)