Buteyko Method Works

If there is a disease, there is a cure - I believe this phrase belongs to Buddha Shakyamuni. If you were told that your disease (asthma, for instance) is incurable, don't be discouraged. This means only one thing: doctors don't know how to make peace with this disease. Search for people who know how to guide you to optimal health.

Recently my husband and I hiked in mountains near Boulder at almost a 9,000-foot elevation. I was proud of Thomas who was able to hike for almost four hours without medication. A few years ago he could only dream about doing this! He was a victim of severe asthma, COPD and allergies, not being able to walk a hundred feet, even at sea level! When outside, he was constantly bothered by cold or hot air, dust, humidity, pollen - you name it! Doctors explained that his condition was 'incurable' and would only worsen over time. Yet, the Buteyko Breathing Method miraculously changed this life sentence freeing him from his breathing trouble.

These Are The Testimonials Of People Who Successfully Tamed Their Asthma

Cole testimonialAt the age of eight, Cole became a frequent visitor to emergency rooms. He was on all possible asthma medications and yet they were not able to suppress his suffocation attacks. Fortunately, Cole's mother made a wise decision: she gave her son the best gift any parent could offer to their child - perfect breathing & health. Cole took the Main Course (the Buteyko Breathing Method program) via Skype with Michael Gosselin. One of the first concepts he learned was that his body is not his enemy. The Buteyko Breathing Method specialist helped him to understand the language of his highly intelligent body and it became Cole's ally. Now asthma is just a memory. Click here to watch a testimonial of this young and charming gentleman

AnjaThe latest among many asthma testimonials is by Anja Hose who wrote: "My dad e-mailed me a New York Times article about breathing exercises relieving asthma symptoms, which led us to Breathing Center, recently relocated to Boulder, CO where I live. It felt like the Universe was telling me: go see these people. I am so glad I did! I was able to work personally in Boulder with T. Drakon Yakovlev-Fredricksen. Less than a month after my first appointment, I am down to the lowest dose of Symbicort and I haven't used my rescue inhaler once. Buteyko Breathing Method isn't a miracle cure, it's a lifestyle change, but it's such an easy one to implement that I believe everybody should do it. It has changed my life and I am so thankful for my renewed health and energy, and the reduction of asthma-related fear. I used to plan everything I did with contingency plans for my asthma acting up. Now I know if I'm careful and keep "behaving," someday soon I can do anything I want. And that freedom is worth every penny of the Breathing Normalization Training and every minute I spend doing exercises."