What are your Control and Positive Maximum Pauses? By a simple measurement of your breathing, you can evaluate how healthy you are.

Due to K. Buteyko's scientific findings, a totally healthy person has a Positive Maximum Pause (PMP) of 60 sec and a Control Pause (CP) of 30 sec or higher. This means that for a healthy person it is comfortable and easy to stay without any air for one minute and extremely easy to do it for half a minute. At this point a person does not have any symptoms and his immune system protects him/her from seasonal respiratory problems as well as many serious health issues.

If your PMP and CP are below these numbers, it means that you over-breathe and as a result your health is compromised to a certain degree. Now, let's try to determine the level of your hyperventilation:

Level 1: 

If your PMP is always between 40 and 60 sec, it means that by modern standards you are a healthy person. Most likely you don't have any symptoms and even if you do, they don't last long. Most likely you are medication-free. The problem is that your immune system is still not strong enough and does not protect you fully from many diseases. If you develop one of them, it will weaken your immune system and lower your PMP/CP. K. Buteyko said that a real life of a human being starts after their PMP stabilizes at or above 40 sec., before that it is full of suffering.

Level 2: 

If your PMP is always in the range of 25-40 seconds, you belong to a category of semi-healthy/semi-ill person. You might actually think about yourself as being a healthy person, and if so, this means that you have many health issues you are not aware of or consider them being normal. For example, you might periodically have headaches, heartburn or constipation. You might say: Who doesn't? Isn't it normal? Our answer is: people whose PMP is at the norm, don't. And yes, it is very common but not normal. These symptoms should go away if you improve your breathing. If your PMP is closer to 25 sec, you might still have primary symptoms of various diseases.

Level 3: 

If your PMP is always in the range of 10-25 seconds, you are not healthy. You are breathing 4-6 times more than your body needs. This creates a very negative impact on all systems of your body and offsets many bodily functions. Most likely, your symptoms are rather active and your energy level is low. It is also possible that often you experience lack of mental clarity or difficulties to concentrate. You are influenced by weather changes. Do you belong to this category? If so, don't worry: The Buteyko Breathing Method can correct these issues.

Level 4:

K. Buteyko stated that if a person's PMP is below 10 sec, it means that this person is severely ill - whether he is a child or adult, whether he has symptoms or not, whether he is aware of it or not. A person from this category is rather vulnerable and his eyes often become full of tears (unless they are suppressed). A person's memory is not that good; often there is an issue with self-esteem. A person might experience chronic fatigue. Some people might feel depressed. There might be very strong symptoms and a person might be on a lot of medication. This person critically needs to improve his breathing. If you don't, the situation might get out of control to the point that it becomes very difficult to correct it.

Level 5:

If a person's PMP is below 5 sec, a person is severely ill - whether he/she has symptoms or not. This situation needs the immediate attention of a Buteyko Breathing Method specialist and a lot of one-on-one work.

When a person passes away, his/ her CP and PMP becomes zero. Please note that in-take of steroids and some other medical drugs might affect a proper measurement of your CP and PMP.