This week, I received this letter from a Breathing Center's client who just signed up for our Full Training, Level 1 Breathing Normalization program. I decided to share it with you. It is not a testimonial but simply a cute letter.  

Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training for Asthma Control and Care

Dear Sasha,

I want to thank you for the tool box. Even though we pay for these things, I have to tell you that when I opened it I was first happy for 1 minute and then burst into tears for 5 . This means so much to me. A CARE PACKAGE FOR MY ASHMA................. which I have for 57 years. For the first time in my life someone gets it and sends me what is vital to me - tools for better BREATHING. All the little details in the box mean something.

 It helps that I did mindfullness meditation before (I love the soft brown belt) I use to have one and lost it a while back. The chanting is good I hope to get into it when my back is stronger; I can listen to it lying down I guess for now.

 That evening we put on the tape and saw you explaining the first part. Watching your eyes go up was also a strong image that stayed with me so I tried it and it helps a lot. Thank you for all your efforts and commitment to help me as an old ashmatic and all of us suffering from this and other things. You are giving me more hope than before and I have tried so so many things........ You are healing angels  through all of these tools. I hope this will be a good one for me now.