How To Help Your Child To Improve Breathing:

1. Always make sure that your son or daughter breathes through her nose only (this includes a nighttime and physical activities).

Make sure your child always breathes through his or her nose


2. Your child should have enough time to rest and relax; his or her schedule should not be too busy.

To breathe better a child needs a time to relax


3. More time outdoors; less time indoors. Slow and long types of physical activities are preferable to fast and intense.

more time outdoors is essential for children's health


4. Less animal-based products and more vegetables and grains are better for breathing. Never force your child to eat.

Avoid animal based food to help your child to breathe easier


5. If possible avoid giving your child antibiotics and stay with natural treatments. Antibiotics often modify wholesome breathing patterns.

Antibiotics can trigger hyperventilation


6. If you need professional help to normalize your child’s breathing, register for a Private Session via Skype with a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. 

Breathing Normalization Specialists help children improve their breathing