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Breathing Exercises Stop Hyperventilation-Asthma-Difficulties

Breathing Exercises Stop Hyperventilation

Heavy breathing, hyperventilation or over-breathing almost always accompanies asthma, hypertension and many other health problems. The problem is that hyperventilation is extremely damaging not only for the respiratory system but also kidneys, heart, brain and other vital organs. Hyperventilation could be stopped by specific breathing exercises developed by Dr. Buteyko and other medical doctors from Russia. Breathing Normalization specialists from work with their clients online or in person teaching them how to do these breathing exercises. These breathing techniques stop hyperventilation and improve overall health.

Breathing Exercises Stop Asthma and Breathing Difficulties

Breathing exercises are especially popular among people who suffer from asthma and various breathing difficulties (for example people with anxiety or chronic cough). As soon as they modify their breathing by applying the breathing exercises, they experience a relief and their breathing becomes easier. If a person continues applying the Breathing Normalization method, their breathing eventually becomes effortless. These breathing exercises were developed by a group of Russian medical doctors and scientists lead by Dr. Buteyko; their effectiveness is proven by medical trials in several countries. Many asthmatics overcame their breathing trouble by applying these breathing exercises. Asthma breathing exercises are proven to be very effective and often life-saving!

Breathing Exercises Improve Health

It was also proven that these breathing exercises improve not only the function of the respiratory system but overall health as well. This is why the method based on these breathing techniques is called holistic. Apparently, breathing exercises are very beneficial for the function of the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, which greatly depend on healthy breathing. People who practice the Breathing Normalization method will typically improve not only conditions directly related to their breathing such as asthma or sleep apnea but they also will reduce or eliminate symptoms of allergies, hypertension, chronic fatigue, heart issues, depression and many others. Breathing exercises are a drug-free and relatively simple way to improve overall health.

Learn Breathing Exercises

How can you learn the breathing exercises? The best way is to learn them by working one-on-one with a certified Breathing Normalization specialist. Fortunately, now this option is available all over the world since you can do it via Skype from your home. You can also learn Dr. Buteyko’s breathing exercises by watching a DVD course available in the Breathing Center’s online store. This video course contains demonstrations of the most effective breathing exercises, which normally create a significant difference within a few sessions.


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