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I am writing a short note to let you know my thoughts on my experience with the Butekyo Center USA.  When I first met with Sasha and Thomas in Woodstock, I had been diagnosed with mild Asthma and/or Panic Attacks. (The diagnosis came from the Emergency Room at Vassar Hospital). I was given Xanax, a daily inhaler, and a rescue inhaler from the Doctors in the ER. I do not like to take medicine, and I searched for breathing exercises that would help me live a life without Xanax or an inhaler.

This is how I fortunately found the Buteyko Center. I have been practicing the breathing exercises (3 times) daily, and I have learned to relax more. I still hear Sasha's voice telling me to SLOW DOWN, in everything I do. I am trying to live this way. I have not used my inhaler or Xanax in three weeks now. I have had a few breathing/anxious episodes, but I have been able to work through them with the breathing exercises that Sasha and Thomas have taught me.

I am very thankful that I found the Buteyko Center, and that I am living a functional life without taking daily medicine. I actually took my gym membership off of hold today, and worked out on the eliptical for 45 minutes (slowly). It felt great to be able to work out again. This is the first time I worked out at the gym since my first emergency room visit two months ago. Thank you, Sasha and Thomas, for your patience with me. I plan to make an appointment for another session in the near future.

Thanks again!

Sharon Pacheco New York

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