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Articles Regarding Buteyko Medical Trials:

"Investigating the Claims of Konstantin Buteyko, M.D., Ph.D.: The Relationship of Breath Holding Time to End Tidal CO2 and Other Proposed Measures of Dysfunctional Breathing."
Rosabla Courtney and Marc Cohen
The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (2008), 14 (2): 115-123.

"British Guideline on the Management of Asthma."
British Thoracic Society & Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network
(2008) Guideline No. 101. Edinburgh:SIGN.

"Complementary Therapy use by Patients and Parents of Children with Asthma and the Implications for NHS
Care: a Qualitative Study.”
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“Buteyko Breathing Technique for Asthma: an Effective Intervention.”
McHugh, Patrick, Aitcheson, Fergus, Duncan, Bruce, and Frank Houghton
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“Effect of Two Breathing Exercises (Buteyko and Pranayama) in Asthma: a Randomised Controlled Trial.”
S. Cooper, J. Oborne, S Newton, V Harrison, C Thompson, S Lewis, and A Tattersfield.
Thorax (2003), 58(8): 674–679.

“A Clinical Trial of the Buteyko Breathing Technique in Asthma as Taught by a Video.”
A. J. Opat,, M. M. Cohen , M. J. Bailey, and M. J. Abramson
Journal of Asthma (2000), 37(7): 557-564.

“Buteyko Breathing Techniques in Asthma: A Blinded Randomised Controlled Trial.”
Bowler, Simon D., Green, Amanda, and Charles A Mitchell
Medical Journal of Australia (1998), 169: 575-578. 

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