This online school was founded in 2009 by Buteyko Teacher Sasha Yakovleva, following the request of Dr. Buteyko’s family and Buteyko Clinic in Moscow.
We are located in Colorado, USA.
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Buteyko Breathing Step-by-Step: Self Study Video Course for Beginners and IntermediatesSelf Study Video Course

Buteyko Breathing Step-By-Step - Self Study Video Course (MP4)




This is the most comprehensive course on the Buteyko Breathing Method packed with practical tips and offering you everything you need for establishing strong respiration and reliable health. It is a life-changing program that helped thousands of people around the globe to become healthier, happier, and more energetic!


Learn the Buteyko Breathing Method to strengthen your respiratory, immune, and nervous systems and overall health. Reduce or eliminate breathing difficulties, asthma symptoms, coughing, mucus, wheezing, breathlessness, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, blood pressure problems, snoring, sleep apnea, depression, and many other health issues.
The course helps stop mouth breathing (the cause of endless health problems) and establish gentle nasal breathing 24/7 (the foundation of optimal health and longevity). In addition, it helps to establish gentle, peaceful natural breathing patterns. 


This course was created by Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist, and the Breathing Center co-founder, representing the Buteyko Method's Russian patent holder and Buteyko Clinic in Moscow. Sasha is the author of Breathe To Heal book other educational programs. Her work has been featured in The New York Times and many other publications, TV, and radio programs.


4 Sessions, 8 hours total of step-by-step instructions including; educational talks, Q&A, and demonstrations of Buteyko breathing exercises.
Full Lifetime Access
Accessible on mobile devices or computer 


It is suitable for beginners and intermediates as well as mature students who did not learn the Buteyko Method from the Breathing Center. It is a complete self-help program on Buteyko Breathing suitable for adults, seniors, and children (with some modifications).


Learn the Buteyko Breathing Method to strengthen your respiratory, immune, and nervous systems. You will be given step-by-step instructions on evaluating and boosting your overall health by improving your respiration and modifying your lifestyle to support healthy breathing.

Be guided through various breathing exercises and recommendations on how to increase your overall oxygenation, gain energy, and become disease-free and medication-free. You will be educated on the relevant scientific and historical background of this holistic health restoration method.

This instructional video program attempts to reveal the practical aspects of Dr. Buteyko’s work regarding over-breathing in its entirety. It is beneficial for anyone who wishes to become healthier.

This program's base is a recording of a group course led by Sasha Yakovleva in 2019; later, we enhanced it with updated graphics, images, videos, and various additional information. By watching this course, you will learn not only from Sasha but also from the course participants. You will see what is typically easy, challenging, effective, or counter-productive for people who embarked on the Buteyko journey. You will also listen to the classic questions students have about their Buteyko practice and the expert's answers. This course is the map to perfect breathing and optimal health.

Learn the authentic Buteyko method from a reliable source!  This video course includes everything you need to boost your health, protect yourself naturally from COVID-19 and any other respiratory issues. The Buteyko Method is our survival now!


There are no requirements to take this course. All you need is time to watch the videos and implement the practices.

We hope you will enjoy this program. If you need individual guidance, please register for a Private Session with a Buteyko Breathing Specialist. 

Remember: there is no health without healthy breathing!


Table Of Contents:
Session 1:

  1. Introduction: the goals of the participants
  2. Educational Talk:
    - why the Buteyko method helps people with various health issues?
    - what is healthy breathing?
    - mouth breathing vs. nose breathing
    - how to imitate healthy breathing 24/7
    - how to start building breathing awareness
    - how to stop chest breathing (a demonstration of a breathing exercise)
    - invisible breathing
    - breathe like a little mouse
    - Dr. Buteyko’s reduced breathing
    - breathing and oxygenation
    - can nasal breathing be stressful?
    - why people have mucus, and how to stop it in adults and children?
    - breathing and CO2
    - how to measure breathing
    - how to interpret breathing measurements
    - when to measure breathing?
    - symptoms as defense mechanisms against over-breathing

  3. Learn the following breathing exercises:
    - reduced breathing (unsupported)
    - reduced breathing supported by an image
    - reduced breathing supported by relaxation
    - one nostril breathing
    - narrowing both nostrils
    - reduced breathing supported by sounds (extended exhales)
    - Is it acceptable to yawn?

  4. Q & A
  5. Homework assignment
  6. Bonus: learn how to unblock your stuffy nose

Session 2:

  1. The participants share their experiences and ask questions

  2. Breathing at Night:
    - tools to establishing silent nasal breathing
    - body positions to improve or worsen breathing
    - the most challenging time for breathing
    - how to pacify breathing
    - insomnia and breathing
    - breathing less and sleeping less

  3. Eating & Breathing:
    - symptoms after eating
    - how eating affects breathing
    - what products negatively impact breathing
    - how to measure the effect of a meal on your health
    - how to eat to support healthy breathing
    - appetite and reactions to food
    - absorption of nutrients and medicine

  4. Breathing & Beverages:

  5. Salt: Dr. Buteyko’s approach

  6. Q & A

  7. Learn the following breathing exercises:
    - informal breath holds
    - formal breath holds
    - breath holds combined with small movements

  8. Homework assignment

  9. Bonus: how to stop cough
  • Session 3:

    1. The participants share their experiences. Q &A

    2. About stress and breathing

    3. One minute relaxation for breathing

    4. Instructions on how to use a belt for breathing reduction

    5. Breathing during physical exercises:
      - mouth or nose breathing
      - sound of breathing
      - best time for exercises
      - duration of workouts
      - best workout for breathing improvement
      - how to build up a Buteyko workout
      - breathing measurements for exercises
      - indoors or outdoors
      - how to use a belt during workouts
      - know-how for breath holds in motion
      - Buteyko approach to weightlifting
      - Buteyko and yoga (including pranayama)
      - Buteyko jogging

    6. More about stress and breathing.

    7. Learn the following breathing exercises:
      - flexible breath holds.
      - relaxation combined with flexible breath holds
      - typical mistakes
      - flexible breath holds in motion
      - breath holds while walking, running, jumping

    8. Homework assignment

      Session 4:

      1. Participants share their experience. Q & A. 

      2. Talking:
        - 3 ways to breathe while talking
        - how to relax your voice to prevent CO2 loss
        - silence and CO2 
        - how to stop mouth breathing while talking
        - Om - breathing exercise
        - Count the numbers - breathing exercise
        - how to establish nasal inhales while talking

      3. How to make your exhales longer:
        - humming (two types) - breathing exercises
        - chanting- breathing exercises

      4. Learn the following breathing exercise: Super-Healer

      5. Spiritual practices and CO2

      6. How to ensure your progress on the Buteyko path


Saturday, 17 July 2021
It was excellent and I have learned a lot !
Cecilia Laussier
Wednesday, 07 April 2021
This was easy to do at home
Thursday, 11 March 2021
This helped me get started quickly
Terri Noppen