About Adenoids Without Surgery Program (FAQs)

Which of your Buteyko course is best for asthmatics?

The best program for asthmatics is our Buteyko Breathing Normalization course.  This is an opportunity for you to learn the method one-on-one with a Buteyko Specialist, most likely Sasha Yakovleva, the co-founder of the Breathing Center. The course will be tailored to your individual needs, and your progress will be carefully monitored. This breathing training also comes with a lifetime support program and various educational materials.

I have many questions about the program Adenoids without Surgery. Where do I find answers?

Please read the Adenoids Without Surgery book and visit our Adenoids program page.

Could you help my child with enlarged adenoids avoid adenoidectomy?

From the perspective of K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD, enlarged adenoids is a bodily reaction to over-breathing, especially mouth breathing. When hyperventilation is eliminated, adenoids stop growing and breathing becomes quiet, gentle, and healthy.

Buteyko Breathing Method Specialists work with children all over the world who face adenoid removal surgery to help them treat enlarged adenoids naturally. We help them to improve their breathing naturally, and therefore prevent the need for adenoidectomy. It really is a natural adenoid treatment. To learn about our program Adenoids Without Surgery, please visit the Adenoids Without Surgery page of our website.

My son’s adenoids are significantly larger than they should be. He catches colds and gets the flu often, and always has a runny nose and a cough. His doctor told us that adenoid surgery is unavoidable. Is there any alternative?

Years of clinical experience have shown that the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method helps children restore their breathing to the norm. When a child stops over-breathing (especially mouth breathing), the adenoids not only stop obstructing nasal breathing but in many cases shrink in size. At the same time, the immune system strengthens, and the child becomes less susceptible to colds or flu.

The typical hyperventilation symptoms of stuffy nose or cough gradually disappear as well. We suggest that you and your child start learning the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method as soon as possible. We strongly urge you to continue seeing your child’s physician. Only a medical professional can officially confirm that your child’s adenoid condition has improved and that surgery is no longer necessary. You should consult an ENT doctor for this diagnosis. Once this is taken care of, all you need to do is support your child in maintaining healthy nasal breathing.

Do you suggest we reject the surgical removal of adenoids?

Absolutely not. Breathing Normalization specialists are not medical doctors; we are educators, and cannot make a decision about surgery. We teach children and their parents how to improve their breathing by eliminating hyperventilation (especially mouth breathing). Usually, this improves a child’s health and removes all breathing difficulties, and as a result, the need for surgery is eliminated. However, this must be confirmed by a doctor. The final decision regarding surgery should be made by parents in consultation with their child’s physician.

How does the Adenoids Without Surgery program work?

For two months, Sasha Yakovleva or another Breathing Normalization Specialist trained by her teach the child to normalize his or her breathing through breathing exercises. The specialist also examines the child’s lifestyle and makes recommendations to the parents on how to modify it so that it supports light nasal breathing. Everything in the program is adjusted to the individual student and his family. This typically helps the child avoid adenoidectomy, and significantly improves his respiratory, immune, nervous, and metabolic systems.

Adenoidectomy is not the only way to deal with adenoids. There are other options such as medication, laser treatment, acupuncture, and homeopathy. How effective are they?

Those options can improve the condition of the adenoids, but if a child’s over-breathing is not addressed, they will only bring temporary relief. According to Dr. Buteyko, hyperventilation is what causes adenoids to become pathologically enlarged. To correct this situation in the long term, hyperventilation must be stopped.

My grandson does not sleep well at night because he cannot breathe through his nose. Will the Breathing Normalization method help? He does not have adenoid issues.

The Buteyko Breathing Normalization method will help restore his nasal breathing and reduce his breathing to its norm. After his breathing is restored, most children start to sleep peacefully. We recommend you take our Breathing Normalization course right away because your grandson’s current condition could lead to adenoid issues. If you address it now, it will prevent the development of more serious health issues such as enlarged adenoids, bronchitis or asthma.

My son’s adenoids have already been removed, but I’ve heard they can grow back. Will Breathing Center’s work prevent the re-growth of adenoids?

Dr. Buteyko’s and our experience demonstrates that breathing reduction prevents adenoids from growing back.

The doctor told us that my four-year-old daughter needs an adenoidectomy. He said that if her adenoids are not removed, her health might become worse. Do you agree?

Pathologically enlarged adenoids can have a very negative effect on overall health. However, the Breathing Normalization method prevents adenoids from further growth, and in most cases, reduces their size as well. After a few months of Buteyko breathing exercises, doctors usually see a considerable improvement in the condition of the adenoids and often change their recommendation about adenoidectomies.

In some cases, the adenoids are already so large that it is necessary to remove them to protect one’s health. It is still essential to apply the Breathing Normalization method right after the adenoidectomy to prevent the adenoids from growing back, otherwise, the child may develop other health issues.

I was told that enlarged adenoids could weaken a child’s mental capacity. Should they be removed to prevent this?

According to Dr. Novozhilov, it is not the adenoids, but hyperventilation that can damage brain development. To prevent this and other negative impacts of hyperventilation, the child’s body creates a defense mechanism to make them breathe less – in this case, by enlarging the adenoids. It does not make sense to fight against this defense mechanism, but it is necessary to eliminate the root cause of the problem, which is over-breathing. The Breathing Center assists children and their parents in doing this.

Are breathing exercises going to be difficult for my child?

Most children enjoy them as much as physical activities or games.

How can I find a Buteyko Breathing Specialist to work with my child?

Sasha Yakovleva and other specialists trained by her work with parents and children online. Your location is not important for as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

How to start learning the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method? 

Your first step is to read Adenoids Without Surgery book. Then, consider taking one of our Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training program. 

I am going to enroll in the Buteyko Breathing Normalization program for my son, who is having issues with enlarged adenoids. But I am also concerned about my daughter, who seems to be developing asthma. Can my daughter attend the course as well? Will we have to pay the tuition twice?

Families can enroll in our Level 1 Breathing Normalization course as a group and pay only one tuition. All children are accompanied by a parent or guardian during their sessions, and the parent or guardian becomes the child’s teacher and mentor outside of the formal sessions. We welcome other young family members to attend these sessions, or other adult family members who wish to support the primary student, or who have their own health issues they wish to address.

I was told that I need to take the Level 1 program for my grandson with enlarged adenoids. Does that mean that we will then need to take Level 2?

No, the Level 1 program is sufficient for children with enlarged adenoids. Level 2 is an advanced program for adults only, and it is optional.

I feel bad for children who have enlarged adenoids and want to help them. Can I become a certified Breathing Normalization Specialist? If so, how?

You are welcome to take Level 1, 2 and 3 programs. All of them are available online, so you won’t have to travel to the Breathing Center. Upon completing the Level 3 program, you will receive a Breathing Normalization Specialist diploma and the right to teach the method.

I am trying to teach my daughter who has enlarged adenoids the elements of the Breathing Normalization method, which I learned from a book and DVD. I am not sure that I am measuring her breathing correctly. I might be making other mistakes, too. What should I do?

Contact the Breathing Center and schedule a Private Session online with a Breathing Normalization specialist. The Practitioner will check on how you work with your daughter’s breathing and suggest corrections if necessary.

What are some alternatives to removing tonsils and adenoids?

Dr. Buteyko discovered that problems with tonsils or adenoids are. caused by mouth-breathing. Establishing gentle, quiet, nasal breathing day and night is a perfect natural solution for adenoid and tonsil problems unless they are already damaged by hyperventilation to an irreversible degree. At the Buteyko Breathing Center, we train adults and children to breathe through their noses 24/7.